Broadway Theater Restoration Update

Basin Youth for Christ has almost completed the restoration of the historic Broadway Theater in Malin!!  For the first time in over 44 years, the building is open again and being used for:

Showing Films
School Events (plays, choir & band concerts)
Joint Church Services
Community Events

We are nearing completion of the major restoration, and have a few projects left to put the finishing touches on.  Those projects are:

Install the service counters and cabinets inside the concession stand/coffee shop
Refinish the wood in the staging area
Install stage curtains
Install final audio/video/lighting equipment
Install counter in the sound booth and purchase needed sound equipment

Donations toward this incredible community project are a major blessing.  If you would like to get involved with either your time or your finances, please CONTACT US.

If you are interested in RENTING THE THEATER, please call 541.892.7892.