Student Stories

Recent prayers students wrote to God while at Campus Life this fall.  (12/2016)


"Why must I feel so much pain?  Why am I alone?  I can be in a room full of people that I know love me more than anything, yet, I still feel unwanted.  And I cannot understand why You won't help me.  I could deal with the pain, if only You would let me know that You really do care.  Because what I don't understand, is why You left, when I needed love the most.  I know that I don't deserve anything from You, or anyone else for that matter.  But I can't take the pain any longer.  I'm to the point, I just feel numb from it all.  Please hear me God.  I don't want to be alone.  You say in the Bible that You will be with me, please don't forget your promise.  Isaiah 43:2"
"I ask that You please help my mom through everything she is going through right now.  Let her see she needs to move on and start-a-new.  Don't let her forget that I love her as well."
"Please talk to me in a way You know that I will listen and understand.  Please show me some direction for my life.  Thank You for all You have done for me."
"There's nothing I could say to You that You wouldn't already know.  And for those reasons I could use Your help.  Maybe a sign of what to do.  Something to make it better.  Someone to help."
"I need Your help to guide me in the right direction that will lead me away from sin.  Help me to do the right things rather than the wrong things in life.  Help me to find peace in this world."
"Please help me to keep following You and read the Bible more and grow in Your word."
"I pray that my mom would start to follow You again.  That she would have a true relationship with You.  Amen."
"I don't get why I had to have a kid now.  It's too hard and no one understands.  I never wanted this...I'll never be a good man."
"I want to start off by saying thank You.  I know that I haven't done a lot of things right lately, but I also know that You have forgiven me and still love me just as much as You always have.  Next, I would like to ask for Your help.  For several years now I've been feeling left out, and for even longer I've been feeling like I don't belong.  Anywhere.  I know that I need to find peace with You before I can find peace where I'm at, but I can't help but feel hurt when I'm excluded or looked at like I'm not worth anybody's time.  Where do I belong?  I feel like that's my main problem.  I don't know what You want me to do , right now or in the future.  What makes me so different and strange in everyone eyes?  Even my friends exclude me unless I am the only one around or they specifically need my help.  So Lord, please help me to stop pitying myself and please help me to know what I should do.  Help me to grow in to the woman that You desire me to be, and help me to serve You in whatever I do.  Help me to not be bothered or concerned with what other people think or say.  Because, Your opinion alone truly matters.  I love You.  Help me to show it.  Thank You Lord!"
"I pray for forgiveness.  I can't seem to move on from what happened last summer.  God, I Pray every night and reflect back on that day, but I still can't forgive myself.  I need you to forgive my sins so that I know it's okay to move on."
"I have been angry for a great long time.  I'm not angry at You, but I am angry at a lot of people around me.  I've carried this anger for years, but I'm finding it difficult to let it go.  I love You, and I hope that I will let my anger go, eventually."
"Lately, I've been having a hart time knowing that You're real.  I just need to seek You more.  But I have such a hard time understanding Your word.  I also pray that You'll give me guidance for my decisions and future."
"I have been struggling with knowing that You are truly there for me.  I want to know You will be there for me every step of the way.  I also want You to know that I believe You will do everything in Your power to help me through life even when right now is it's hard to trust."
First off, I want to say thank You.  For everything You've done for me.  Secondly, I want to ask You why?  Why do I have to go through so much pain, and feel like You're not there?  Please, help me, God.  I need Your help.  I want to have a strong relationships with You."