Chico Mission Trip 2023

April 7, 2023


Annual Mission Adventure to Chico, CA

Serving the homeless and growing closer to Jesus at the same time.

Enjoy stories of God moving in the lives of students on our annual mission trip serving the homeless in Chico, CA. During the 4-day adventure, students from all over the basin grew in their understanding of God's love for them while demonstrating His love to those less fortunate. Jesus uses people just like you to help make these moments a reality. If you want to get involved, let us know.

  • "When I started high school I began to get really depressed. If I'm honest, I still deal with it. But I keep moving forward each day because I know God has a plan for me."

  • "I lost everyone I had before, and grew apart from my family. I focused on boys or food or anything that could fulfill me. God has blessed me now with Christian friends and He is helping heal my wounded heart."

  • "I shut God out and myself to the point where I really wasn't myself, and I even wanted to die. But I'm so glad I didn't because I would have never gone on this trip. To anyone who might read this, God might seem scary but try your best to trust Him."

  • "My first year in high school my mom ran away. She didn't want us anymore and picked the world over God and her family. Through it all, God gave me hope and helped me with anxiety and depression. He showed me that even if she didn't want me, He still cared. Recently, He brought her back to us. Watching God restore my family has caused my faith to grow."

  • "I used to be a very rude, bitter person. I was a bully and would start fights intentionally to cope with my anger. Since that time, I have put my trust in Christ. He has helped me to love others."

Students prayers to the LORD.

"I am believing God for..."

"...breaking the chains of legalism." "...His love for me." "...being my loving Heavenly Father." "...wisdom for my future." "...showing me the light I need to pass through the darkness." "...salvation from myself."

Psalm of Lament a Student Wrote To God.

"Jesus please heal my pain."

“God You have always listened and counted my countless tears. I feel so lost. I put my identity in my friends, boyfriends, what I look like and many other things. Now I have lost everyone and struggle with my image and who I am. I don’t know where I’m going or what Your plan is for me. I feel lost and empty most days and it seems to be getting worse. You never said this life would be easy and I will choose to trust You will open a door of escape. Please heal my pain.”

A Psalm of Praise One Student Wrote

"Everything to You I owe."

“It’s weird to say, but You’re like a mole popping its head out of every hole. You fixed a broken home, that I know. Everything to You I owe. And to the things I know I see, a broken heart, a broken me. And now I beg You to mend this heart. Take these pieces, fix every part. I know You can, I heard You do it. So help me LORD even though I blew it.”