Summer Retreats 2022

August 2, 2022


Lives Changed Forever

Summer Retreats 2022

If Only You Could See It For Yourself! On July 1st we wrapped up a busy summer camp season in Basin Youth for Christ. We wish you could have seen it yourself! Words don’t even scratch the surface of how incredible it is each year. Your financial support impacts the next generation of youth in the Klamath Basin. You brought the life-changing message of Christ to... We could go on for hours about all the Lord did at camp as He entered the darkness of their lives and shed the light of His love on them. Watching Christ-loving adults pour into students one at a time is priceless. Your support changes lives forever.

  • Youth attended the retreats from Klamath Falls, Malin, Merrill, Tulelake, Bonanza, and Butte Valley.

  • Youth attended from Lost River, Tulelake, Bonanza, Henley, Mazama, Butte Valley, New Horizon and Home School.

  • Praise Jesus for 10 youth who prayed to begin their journey with Jesus. 5 from middle school, and another 5 from high school. 3 Hispanic junior high boys prayed to receive Jesus after authentic, Christ-sharing conversation by the pool with their leader.

  • One 8th grade girl who ran away from home earlier in the school year responded to Jesus and now has a forever home in the family of God.

  • A boy from Bonanza who entered the retreat convinced he was a cosmic accident, but learned the truth God’s design and responded to Jesus.

  • Both retreats were full of students who come from broken homes, many struggle with abandonment. One has been forsaken by both of his parents because they chose drugs over a relationship with their son.

  • Several students who'd never read anything in the Bible spent the retreats being taught God's word and received a Bible for themselves too.

  • Youth enjoyed eating meals together and being free to be kids in a safe environment. Students discovered the joy of putting their phones down and building real relationships.

  • One senior student believes the lie that he is isn’t wanted and can’t be loved. He was willing to be honest with his pain and listen to the truth from God’s word. Please pray for Jesus to soften his heart.